Staying Creative in a Busy World

Keeping it short this week as working full time has taken up most of my time and energy. This week I wanted to talk about how I stay creative and keep creating in a busy world. It is very easy while you are still at school or university to take all of your “creative” time for granted. I know I did; getting up early to write, staying up late to paint. As an adult, with a job, responsibilities, and all the other lame stuff that comes with life, it can be tough to muster up even the slightest bit of energy to create. It can be even harder if you adult job involves you being creative at work. Between loads of laundry, trying to bagel recipes, and spending time with my husband, I often struggle to consistently stay creative. So below are my tips on how to stay creative in a busy world.

  1. Use your commute time productively
    Thanks to these wonderful things called phones, it is so much easier to take note of creative ideas and witty poems you come up with on the train to work. Simply open up a keep document or a new note and starting writing things down. 
  2. Doodle anywhere
    Doodling is great. It is a quick way to jot down ideas for a new bigger scale art piece or simple keep your mind occupied during a boring meeting. Doodling can also lead you to some interesting places artistically and encourages you to be less strict with your are
  3. Buy an art or writing book/magazine
    Looking at new art or reading something new is an excellent way for you to keep your mind’s eye open to new ideas or ways of doing things. ARTnews is a great place to read about upcoming artists and trends. If you are looking for something physical to carry, you local newsie should have plenty for you to choose art/design magazines.
  4. Utilise your weekends
    Most of my weekends are spent doing the actual making part. That is normally when I write my blog posts for the week (this week being an exception). It is when I finally feel alive enough to to work any sort of painting or drawing I have started. Whether you are taking the time to physically write down that poem that been begging to get out of your head or finally finish that drawing you started a month ago, the weekend is when you will feel most motivated to do it and when you will probably have the most time.

I hope you find these tips helpful as you continue your journey with art. I know that without consciously trying to keep up with my art I struggle to stay afloat in life. Make sure to spend sometime this week really making something, and start incorporating my tips into your weekly routine.