So if you ever get on Pinterest, or Instagram for that matter, you know what a #BuJo is all about because they are literally everywhere.  You could want a simple recipe for fajitas and for some reason there will be pin about “45 weekly layouts you must try” in the mix. The whole trend just seems really strange to me, so I had to give it a try to see if I should actually hate it or if the hipster in me was rejecting a trend on principle.

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bullet journal ideas from pinterest. 

Originally “invented” by digital designer, Ryder Carroll, a bullet journal is supposedly used as an escape from our digital world According to their site, the Bullet Journal is written in a language called Rapid Logging. “It consists of four components: topics, page numbers, short sentences, and bullets.” This isn’t a set in stone way of using the bullet journal system, and many many people have created their own way using the Bullet Journal.

So when I decided to start this project back in March, I told myself I could keep up with this, that I wouldn’t just shove to the bottom of a pile of other unused journals. Well, come May it was collecting dust in a pile of other journals. When I pulled it out a week ago, and lo and behold, I barely used it in the days come up to the time when I put away.

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lies, all lies 

As you will come to learn, one of my many vices is starting a project, but almost never carrying through with it. Have you ever had a problem with keeping creative? I find that tend to be one of the main reasons I decide to give up. But I’ve decided to make a change. I’m gonna stick with this ridiculous trend, to not only keep me busy, but to also to keep me creative. I am going dedicate at least 15 minutes to it every night; to journal, to destress, and add a bit more colour to my life.

Are you using the Bullet Journal system? How do you stick with it? Tell me your experience in the comments below.