Its a New Season!

Who says bucket lists are for the end of your life or for summer? I have found that setting a “bucket list” or essentially a long list of seasonal (quarterly) goals, helps me keep track of what I want and plan out new art series (which I will hopefully have a new post on soon). Normally, how I split up my bucket lists are September to November, December to February, March to May, and June to August. This system always aligned with my school schedule when I started this process and it has continued to work pretty well for me. I don’t really care for the whole “New Year, New Me” mentality, but you can start a bucket list whenever works for you. At the end of this post you will find a free* template for your own Autumn Bucket List.  


I normally start plotting and scheming for my bucket list a couple of weeks before I intend to start it. I look at the bucket list from the previous season, in this case summer, and review things I’ve crossed off, migrate halfway finished things to the new list, and things I never even started have to get re-evaluated, to see if they are worth being moved onto the new list. Sometimes you may find that an Item on your list wasn’t even started. This could because it may just be the wrong season, it could also be that you have put too much on your bucket list to begin with.

After I have written the long long draft list, I will organise them into sections, such as Painting, Travel, Reading, and Blogging. Then I determine whether these things are doable within the three month time period I have set up. Some things may take longer, like a series of work, other things may only take a couple of weeks, like trying a new restaurant or clear out my studio space. It is fine for things to take longer than three months, but you should make a marker of how far you want to get with on the project so at the end of the three months you know whether or not to migrate it to the new list.

Autumn Bucket List Drafts

The most basic of lists

Not everything in the rough draft of your bucket list has to go on the final draft of the list. Whether you decide they are a goal that is more suited for winter, or if you just aren’t sure you can get them done in a reasonable time. It is also okay for your goals to start off a bit vague, but make sure they are specific by the time they make it to your final draft. Goals should be specific and concise.

Now, this could probably all go in a (bullet) journal, or in a file on the computer, but I prefer to have a big physical copy, one that I see every day. It keeps the goals in the front of my thoughts, and also decorates my studio a bit. It also gives me a chance to give you guys something for free. If you are like me, I would definitely recommend that you also print out your bucket list hang it up on the fridge or the studio.

autumn bucket list


What are you Autumn goals?

FREE Autumn Bucket List Template

*If you like the idea of getting free printable and templates, let me know what you want! Comment on this post or send me a note in the “Contact Me” section of the website.