Book Review: Art, Inc.

Happy Monday! Let’s start the week off right with a review of a book that I absolutely loved. ART Inc. by Lisa Congdon is what I would call a self-help book for artists. This bright orange and blue book is a great read for any artist, whether you are just starting out or if you are looking to expand your already successful art career. Between the advice and tips Lisa Congdon gives, she also has taken the time to interview other creators about their careers and tips they have for the reader. This book brings a nice balance of tips and stories to a topic that could have been a very boring (business and entrepreneurship, as if this were a required elective for your uni degree).

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This well crafted book starts in the most important place, finding your voice. Every artist I know has talked about their artistic voice, about what makes their art unique and important to them. “To carve out your artistic voice, you’ll need to detach yourself from the images of what you think constitutes successful work.” (pg. 22)

As you read on, the book also gets down to the nitty gritty business side of being an artist. Lisa Congdon discusses how to promote your work, how to make contacts withgalleries, and just how to manage your finances as a entrepreneur. And to be honest, what an artist who wants to turn their hobby into a career has to realise is that they are also an entrepreneur. And this can be daunting for most people, running your own successful business can be tedious. However, Congdon takes the guess work out of this with of one of the best parts of the book the huge list of resources that shehas collected. From platforms to sell your work to different kinds of accounting software, this book has it all.  

There are times when the book is a bit slow. I also noted that there were a few things that were out of date or not in the book (Instagram being the biggest thing), but it definitely has a lot of very useful resources that outweigh what it is missing.

The book ends with the vital topic of balance. Congdon describes your work/life balance as a children’s seesaw. The amount of time you spend working, should also be the amount of time you spend resting and pursuing your passions. You have to have balance in your life to stay creative, productive, and positive. So if you are looking to fill out your bookshelf a bit, I highly recommend ART Inc.