Life is a Rollercoaster of Nonsense

So I realise that it has been about a month since my last post and I’m really sorry! Life really kicks you in the teeth sometimes and it can take a while to feel any sense of normal again.

In September, I found out I was being laid off due to company closure. Between having to suddenly rearrange my work life, my personal life took most of the brunt. Spending lots of time getting my CV ready, applying for jobs, and trying to spin up some freelance work for the time being has really taken all of my energy. I feel like if I’m not doing loads of house chores, sleeping, or eating I am applying for jobs (one of the bonuses of living in London is the huge job market).

There is a lot of catching up I need to (a couple freebies, a product review, etc), but mostly I just wanted to give an update for the strange turn my life has taken.

We have all heard some millennial joke or another about entry level jobs requiring 3 year experience, must speak five languages, and be willing to give your soul to the devil- yada, yada, yada. It does seem to be true for the most part that employers want the moon in all new employees, but eventually you’ll get your footing. When I was given my first job in the city, I felt desperate to please my boss, to make sure I did nothing to screwing things up. I worked for like crazy for sixth months, but that didn’t stop the CEO from selling the business to another French company, leaving me somewhat high and dry at a vulnerable time in my career.


When I think about how both companies I worked have closed down, I’m beginning to wonder if I am in someway cursed. Like honestly, how often can that happen to people? Also how awkward is that when potential employers look into my CV they will see that both the place where I was educated and my previous employer are no longer companies in operation?

Another thing doesn’t help is that in the eyes of some employers I have 6 months experience, but to others I have 2 years due to to the fact that they are in two separate countries. This just adds the difficulties I have been facing trying to find new work. I know I am doing much better when compared to 8 months ago and I was desperate for even an interview. This time around I have already had several interviews, but things still haven’t panned out great.

I’m not sure why I was so desperate to please these people. I should have been fine, going in doing my job, then leavings. But on many occasions I was staying late, working during my lunch, for nothing extra. This time around of job searching I have been a bit more lucky. I have had several interviews already, and even a job offer I turned down because the offer wasn’t good enough (ha, as if I can really be that picky). I have a better understanding of my worth this time around which is important.

So yeah, that is why it has been a while since my last post. I am looking for a new job permanent position now, while trying to get and maintain freelance contracts in hopes that it can sustain my husband and I until I’m employed again.


Even with all this time on my hands I can’t even force myself to bring brush to canvas.

I have attached a FREE November desktop calendar wallpaper. Next week I’m hoping to be right back at it and give you a proper nice blog post.