Artist Rant: Christmas Decorations

What is up y’all!? It is Wednesday! I am coming to you a couple days late as I am trying to test out what day works best for sharing my blog. If you have a day that you like to read articles online, let me know in the comments below. Depending on views and clicks and such, Wednesday could be the new day for AotB blog posts!

A quick reminder that I won’t be posting next week as it is Christmas! There will be a post on New Year’s Day however, which will include a super fun freebie. This week, I am taking a break from being informative, fun, and inspiring, to rant about Christmas Decorations and why I think they are awful.


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Well it is less than a week until Christmas, and now that everyone is in the full holiday spirit, I feel safe to rant about Christmas Decorations. I feel this way because most of you will already have your flat/house decked out for full display to all your friends and family, meaning you can look around and see if you pick up what I am putting down.

I hate Christmas decorations.

For one reason.

Before I go into that, let me give you a bit of background and my premise for what I believe Christmas is about.

By now, I’m sure my mom and many of my other regular readers (aka my best friends) are really wondering where on earth I am going with this. As a kid, I loved Christmas decorating! I was right there with my mom every November 26th going through the masses of decorations and baubles deciding what should be put up around the house for this year. I am lucky enough to have a family that understands what Christmas is about in the most basic and inclusive way. We know that Christmas is about togetherness and traditions, not trendy decorations and kitchy nonsense.

My mom still has Christmas ornaments on her tree that my sister and I made in elementary school, even from her and my dad’s first Christmas together! Her tree is a living memorial to great trips, family fun, and togetherness! It isn’t decorated in rose gold baubles because that is what is trendy right now. And she certainly doesn’t have a decorated pineapple sitting on her dining room table.

christmas pineapple

Am I the only one who finds this horribly upsetting?

But now on to my reason for hating Christmas Decorations.

For the past couple of years, I’ve become super disenchanted with how commercial, impersonal, and honestly ridiculous Christmas decorations have become. I find it absolutely abhorrent that mega retailers, like Walmart, Target, M&S, and John Lewis (yes even the great John Lewis!) have capitalised on a holiday that is supposed to be about togetherness and traditions, not enabling Mass Consumer Culture.

So yes, I despise that over decorated wreath blocking your door knocker Sharon! Yes, I hate your new Llama themed Christmas “tree” Nancy! Yes, I loathe your Icelandic gold table settings Martha! Because it is all crap! Perpetuating our Mass Consumer Culture! It is actually destroying our environment and dividing our society into haves and have-nots.

So if you find yourself buying new decorations every Christmas, maybe take a step or two to reconsider everything you are doing. Are you buying environmentally friendly decorations? Are you reusing simple decorations? Is your tree alive or plastic? Do you use solar powered lights?

Instead of wasting money at mega corporations consider investing is artisan decorations and living tree (one you have to water to keep alive!!), starting a ornament exchange with friends (cause Christmas traditions are the best), or upcycling and reusing old decorations.

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