A Year in Review and New Year Goals

Hello 2018! Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have had a fabulous winter holiday season. I know I have definitely been indulging in a bit too much in the wine and chocolate area (uh hello, Ashley, half off Christmas chocolate is manna from heaven). I also took some time for a proper holiday break to really just relax and hang out with my husband and family without phones and such. It was a very lovely and festive time, but I am so happy to get back to writing!

The First Post of 2018!!

This whole post is going to be a huge review of my 2017 and looking forward piece about my goals for 2018. It also has a fun freebie as well! 



Why 2017 was the Best and the Worst:


-That is right. I started 2017 without a job. I had gotten close to finding a job the week of Christmas in 2016, but things just didn’t pan out. It was a rough way to start the year, but things did eventually turn around…

My First Job!

-I spent 5 months looking at LinkedIn, Reed, Indeed, and so many other jobsites before I found a graphic design job. The commute was an hour and half door to door, involving a 30 minutes walk and two trains. I wasn’t very happy for the 6 months I worked there, there was quite a bit of drama and that’s not what I was expecting. However, it could have been a worse place and I would have survived at least another year working there, if the company had lasted…

1 Year of Marriage

-That is right! I had my first wedding anniversary in July. The hubby and I both took days off work to relax and have a stay-cation while we were house sitting. We had a fab time celebrating new traditions and eating to our hearts content. We both clearly enjoy eating! We were married at Islington Town Hall, and we just happen to see our officiant on the day we went to get our “one year later” photo! It was so fabulous, but also quite a chilly day for July. 


Jobless… again

-At the end of september I lost my job. The company was selling to a business in France and they wanted nothing to do with any of us Londoners. In the beginning I was handling being on the Job Market again pretty well. I had had several interviews, but nothing was sticking. I have probably averaged about 8 interviews a month so far (both phone and in person), I’ve also had several close ones. It is always disheartening to hear them say you were missing a component or skill that was really out your hands (like the CEO not like you or your missing corporate experience we’ve decided we wanted after interviewing you). But I know the right job will come along shortly. Here is to starting 2018 the same way I started 2017!

Blog Started!

-At the end of October, I started AotB! This project/hobby was a way for me to create and share and learn, around trying to find a full time job (which is basically a full time job in and of itself). I have so far loved, loved, loved blogging and having a task to do every week. This blog is just one of the things keeping me sane during this time (along with mac n cheese and Pokemon Go). I have every intention of keeping up the blog when I get a job, so don’t worry, I’ll still be here!

Parents in London!

my parents visited London!

#Pumas4Life #SJCforever #PumaAlumni

-In November this year, my mom and dad came to visit us in London! It was their first time in here and first time meeting the in laws! It was so fabulous to get to show them around where we live and what living in the city is kinda like. It was so fun to be a tourist again for a few days. We went to ZSL: London, the theatre, and so many other places ( we also walked about 10km a day!). 


2018 Goals and Aspirations!

Positive Vibes

-This year, I want to be more positive. I find that I am quick to think the worst, even when nothing has gone wrong. So in 2018 (and beyond), I want to try and be more positive, both emotionally and mentally. I know that this will greatly affect my art making and writing for the better and I can’t wait to see what I can create this year with my new attitude!


Healthy Habits

-For 2018, I want to form more healthy habits. Eating better, drinking more water, exercising when I can, and practicing more time management. I also want to practice more thoughtfulness and patience. These are all areas I can improve on (just like a lot of other people I assume), but I intend to really to work this year. 

Consistent Creative Content

-I recently took an online course to help me manage my blog and my content. The course (by Michelle Martin) was so great! I can’t wait to take more courses that will help me create better content for you all. Which is my third and final goal for 2018, to create more consistent, creative content for all my readers. I’m talking product reviews, artist showcases, DIYs, and lots more! 

I can’t wait to share this new year with my fabulous readers! See you again next week!

If you have any awesome goals for the new year comment below! I would love to hear how you plan to challenge yourself in the forthcoming year!



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Get out the fancy paper Barbara! Its inspirational poster time!

Finally here is the January Freebie! A fun A4 sized printable. So go out and get this printed on some thick paper and hang it up in your studio space. This could be the piece you use to start your super awesome new gallery wall!