3 tips for Starting a New Job


I know I have been a bit MIA recently, but I have such great news!

I have finally found a job! That is right, I am working full time again! The hubby and I couldn’t be happier because of what it means for us. Spending 3.5 months living on one income really put a dent in our savings and mental health.

I am also extremely happy to be working in an amazingly social and supportive environment. The team(!!) I am a part of is amazing at providing advice, critique, and also a good laugh every now and then. It feels absolutely fabulous to be included and I wake up in the morning happy to be going into to work (even with the daunting commute).


With all this change and adjustment going on, I haven’t been able to properly sit down and write until now. This means that next month will have two Female Artist of the Month (FAM) since I missed out in January. And now onto the second blog post of the year!

I tossed around the idea of writing this post, gently unsure if it was the right time or appropriate for the blog niche I have set up, but after really thinking about the differences to my old job and my current job. I know I can’t be the only one to really have felt this way, or thought they had to prove themself.

So after much thought, here are my 3 Tips when Starting a New Job!


Day Zero

My first tip is to start acting like you already have your job before you even official start. You should go to bed early and wake at the time you would have to on regular day of work. This gives you a chance to test out how getting up early works for you. I switched from getting up at 9 am to getting up at 6 am. That huge jump was definitely not easy, but I am so happy I didn’t start my first day of work with huge bags under my eyes.

Be Friendly

You learn it in school, you learn it from your mom, you gotta be friendly. Your first day at a new job is when everyone will be forming their real first impressions of you. So be prepared to answer questions about you, your life, how you are finding the new job in a polite and open way. If like me, you have two extremes of answer questions; you either are too curt or just word vomit all over everyone in the vicinity. It is best to have a 3 or 4 practised answers of an appropriate length.


Another thing to remember, especially on the first day, is that you should also be polite and occasionally introduce yourself to people and ask how they are doing, etc. This is a good way to build confidence and a good rapport with your now coworkers.  

Be Reasonable

I’m not sure I can stress this one enough. For my final tip, I want to remind you to Be Reasonable. 100% of the time when you start a new job, you are nervous and are kind desperate to prove that they have hired the right person.

 This is totally understandable, I’ve always had a need to please others to the break point. It has taken a long time and a lot of doubt for me to realise that I can only do my best. Don’t take on more tasks than you can handle. If you are given a baptism by fire (like I was), it is okay to explain to a person that if the new project they want to give you isn’t absolutely the highest priority, that you will add it to your to do list and work on it shortly. It is important to be 100% honest and reasonable with people from Day 1 because the last thing you want is to feel run down from the get go. This is your new job, there will be a learning curve, and your manager will understand that you are one person.

New jobs are an exciting time. You are making a move for the better, whether it is more time for your family or more money!



Next week we will finally be back to our regularly scheduled programming so stay tuned for a fun filled FAM!

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